At the beginning of the twenty-first century and of a new millennium we find ourselves at a place in history where major world views are collapsing and new and exciting insights are opening up for us on all sides inviting our consideration, our serious reflection, and ultimately our transformation. I see my retreat work and the lectures and courses I give as primarily oriented toward helping the persons I work with make the transition from the old and often familiar to the new and sometimes foreign. I, therefore, present as simply as possible what may seem at first difficult and strange and what may even frighten people because of its newness, mystery, and paradox. I try to have my students, and those attending my workshops and retreats see how exciting and filled with opportunity it really is. Ours is the age when many of the disciplines are converging and arriving at similar conclusions about the universe and our place in it. They are presenting us with extraordinary discoveries that literally help reposition the role we play in the universe. The call for transformation is beckoning us and, with it, the opportunity for deep and profound love and freedom. I am convinced that spirituality needs to be at the forefront here. Ours is a sacred moment, and God is in our midst waiting for our yes to work through us toward the ever deeper and more profound liberation of all. We live in exciting times and my work is dedicated to getting as many persons as possible involved.

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