Conference and Retreat Topics

Topics available:

* The Rapture of Jesus: an Experience of God
* Praying Peace: Harnessing the Energy of Creation
* The New Millennium: A Call to Conversion
* Fire in Our Midst: God's Spirit - A Depth Encounter
* On Being A Mystic in Our Time
* Prayer And The Quest for Healing
* Holistic Spirituality - A Vision for Our Age
* Human Growth into God - Seeing with Different Eyes
* Spirituality and the New Science
* Behold I shall Make All Things New
* Advent or Holy Week Reflections
* Embracing Jesus as the Christ of our Today and our Tomorrow.
* Nurturing Hope: Living the Christian Vision
* From Religion Back to Faith: A Journey of the Heart


Topics for Religious:
* Refocusing The Vision: Religious Life into The Future
* Religious Vows in An Age of Change

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